Our Compaign

Why are we running this campaign and what do you get for your hard earned dollars?

Plain and simple: we need to raise startup capital for a three-barrel brewery, and we need your help to do it. A three-barrel brewery would allow Crooked Feeder Brewing to begin small scale production of approximately 64 kegs per month that will service local restaurants, bars, and the local growler market. With the growth of a few employees, however, this small system is robust enough to produce upwards of 200 kegs per month. A small system will also allow us the opportunity to produce a wide variety of “small batch” beers. This array of beers will provide consumers with an ever changing variety of tasty brews.

But hey, we don’t expect you to just give us money (unless you really want to), instead we are offering great perks at values ranging from $5 to $1000. Perk options range from bumper stickers to memberships to great brew day event packages. We have priced everything so that our perks give the backer full value for their money, as if we were already selling retail. Just check out the amount of swag and beverage vouchers included in the membership!

Our goal is $25,000 and these funds will secure financing for a shiny, brand new, full-scale, three barrel stainless steel brewing system. If we don’t reach our full goal, there are still plans for simpler, less expensive equipment that will get the job done, but with a lot more effort. Make no mistake, Crooked Feeder will be providing quality craft beers to thirsty people in the area by the year’s end!

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